samedi 9 octobre 2010

Lottery Ticket by Dido Designs

Voici le lottery ticket de Dido design, vous le trouverez chez after five, en l'achetant vous pouvez gagner 1 an d'acces à tout les produits de Dido, 3 place de guest pour la creative team et 3 coupons de 7$
ainsi qu'un kit complet et un pack de 4 boutons epoxy

Here's the ticket lottery by Dido design, you can find @ after five , If you buy this ticket you can win:1 person who purchases my lottery ticket gets free access to the dido's store for 1 year, 3 person can have a guest spot to the creative team for this year, 3 person can have a $7 coupon to dido's shop
The ticket includes:- a full kit with 51 elements,- 8 papersand an epoxy maker with 4 buttons ( with masks in .png files )
ma page, rak for Diana( Dido)

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